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BRT Donates BD 7,000 to Tony the Dogfather

Bahrain Round Table donated BD 7,000 to help build a new facility to house cats for Tony the Dogfather’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Saar. Tony’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes, where possible, abused, neglected, injured and abandoned animals in Bahrain. Currently, there are over 300 animals to include dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, budgies and parakeets. Unfortunately, during these unsettled times the number of animals in need of loving care and attention keeps increasing, along with the costs. Which one of us could step over an abused and possibly tortured animal? Most of us however, would not take them home and the many are left for Tony to deal with. Whilst being governed by the number of animals that can be healthily and economically managed, the centre tries never to turn an animal away. Every effort is made to re-home animals however, if they are old, damaged or have special needs this may not be possible. In this case these animals stay with him for the rest of their lives in air conditioned kennels with access to the attention and love they need and the opportunity to socialize with other animals. Not all agree with keeping such animals (e.g. the donkey with terrible infected eyes and knackered legs deserted to wander the Budayia Road). Recognising that animal welfare starts with education, Tony visits schools and events to promote animal rights and good treatment. Friday is open day at the Centre and includes a session on animal welfare. This is usually well attended mainly by children but also adults too. Links have been built with local schools that often fund raise or collect food. Older students help out at the centre as part of Community Service Programmes. The Centre exists by offering pet grooming services to the general public, cat sitting services, fund raising events and by donations from very kind animal lovers. Regular book sales are held at the Rugby Club in Saar and the Dilmun Club (both of whom have been great supporters), and at fairs, school fetes, charity sales etc. Two charity shops; ‘Second Chance’, on and just off Budaiya Highway, sell furniture, clothes, books, toys, household items etc. on behalf of the centre. Donations are gratefully received and can be made at either location. There are also food baskets for donations at Waitrose outlets and the Dilmun Club. Donations of all kinds are needed (money obviously!, food, cat litter, cleaning materials e.g. bleach, washing powder etc.). This will enable the centre to offer an efficient cat-sitting service; donations from which will, in turn, provide much-needed income towards food, vet bills etc. The Centre offers an adoption service or a sponsorship programme to meet the needs of each animal looking for a new home and welcomes volunteers to walk, pet and play with the animals. For more information or directions to the Rescue Centre or Second Chance shops, or information on how to make a donation of cash/items for sale//food etc please call: 39629889/39944290.

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