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Race Information


You may feel out of place or slightly confused the first time you appear to run, walk or jog at the Bahrain Marathon Relay. This is natural and happens whenever we do something new and don't understand the rules. Rest assured that every other runner participating in the event has had a “First Relay” experience. Here are a few tips:

Read the Race Rules:

These are sent out by the Race Registrar, are available on the Marathon Relay website (www.brt1.net), and are also published in the souvenir programme. The rules are simple and common sense, but must be followed. Break the rules and your team is liable to a time penalty which could cost you several places, and which may not be popular with any serious minded teammates!

Study the Map and Route Instructions:

It contains important information about the time of the race, where the stages are located and directions on how to get there. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Plan What to Bring:

Most runners like to plan what outfit to wear, including shoes along with water or light snacks. Lay your gear out the night before, so you don’t forget anything, especially your race number. Plan for the Bahrain weather - hot and really hot! Most runners come dressed to run, but you might want to bring some extra clothes for the post-relay activities. Make sure you bring plenty of water, which is your responsibility not the organisers.

Pin Your Numbers on Your Vest:

It can be useful to bring a couple of extra safety pins to make sure you can really secure your numbers to the front and back of your vest.

Arrive Early:

To enjoy the total experience you need to avoid feeling rushed. Plan to arrive at your stage at least 20 minutes before the time estimated by your team captain as the probable hand-over time. Remember that traffic on the course can change a car/bus journey to your stage from a relaxing and scenic 5 minute drive to a slow and increasingly anxious 20 minutes. Allow time to put on your race numbers, warm up and dive behind a rock for a toilet. Watch what other runners do, and do the same. When you see your teammate hauling in to sight move toward the starting line, but keep out of the way of runners from other teams who will be handing over earlier.

Obey the Officials:

At all times obey any instructions from marshals, time keepers and race officials.

Pace Yourself:

Avoid running the first kilometre too fast, either because of enthusiasm or because faster runners pull you along. Once you cross the stage starting line, settle into your normal comfortable pace - or run even slower. You’ll enjoy your relay more if you are running comfortably and can see what’s happening.

Savour the Day:

Everyone’s first Bahrain Marathon Relay is a special moment. It should be FUN! Your goal is only to finish, not run fast.
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