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Race Rules

  • The race is a foot race of 16 stages of approximately 3 kilometres each, held on the public roads of Bahrain and subject to the traffic laws currently in force. 
  • Each stage must be completed by one person starting and finishing at the designated changeover point.  Should any person be unable to complete their stage, the baton must be returned to the start of that stage (by whatever means including the use of a car) and the entire stage completed by another team member.
  •  No person can run more than one consecutive stage, except in an emergency, (e.g. non-arrival of next team member) AND then only with the approval of the Stage Timekeeper.
  • Team Captains must ensure that their runners are familiar with the routing of the stage(s) that they are running.  Team members should be made aware that:

o   No person under the age of 12 years will be allowed to compete.

o   Each runner is solely responsible for knowing and following the official route.

o   Directions given by marshals are for guidance only.

o   Marshals and Time Keepers are not to be physically or verbally abused by runners and their supporters.

o   Traffic Police are only responsible for traffic control to ensure the safety of competitors.

  • All runners must keep to the left side of the road (facing oncoming traffic) unless stated otherwise on the route directions.
  • No pacing is allowed, either vehicular or from other team members.
  • Each runner must prominently display their official team race number bearing the sponsor’s logos on the front and back of their t-shirt/vest.  Printing of numbers on shirts is prohibited.
  • Each runner must carry an official baton which will be issued prior to the start of the race. The baton must be passed on to the next member at the designated changeover point and must be visible to race officials at all times for timekeeping purposes.
  • Stated team awards criteria will be strictly adhered to.  The Marathon Relay Organising Committee rulings will be applicable in all cases.
  • Any complaint against a participating team must be made to the Marathon Relay Organising Committee, in writing, within half an hour of the finishing time of the team making the complaint. Complaint forms are available from the Timekeepers.
  • Infringements of any of the above rules could result in the application of time penalties or disqualification of the teams concerned. Such rulings have been enforced for infringements in previous years.


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